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The Valencian Breadstick

A Centennial Mediterranean Tradition: The Valencian Breadstick

The Valencian breadstick is a traditional product in Spanish gastronomy. For several centuries, in all the towns along the Mediterranean coast, similar recipes have been crafted under different names depending on the region—breadsticks, 'picos,' 'colines,' 'grisines,' etc. Made with artisanal dough and incorporating other elements, the most well-known are the 'savoury breadsticks' to which various ingredients can be added to enhance their flavor.

They are crafted with the finest natural ingredients and undergo a completely artisanal process, staying true to a healthy diet. Each breadstick is shaped individually, and the taste and quality are monitored in every batch. The dough is made with entirely natural, top-quality raw materials—wheat flour, yeast, high oleic oil, and sea salt. It is left to rest for a period and then manually stretched onto baking trays before moving to the fermentation room. After this process, it is baked in the oven until the desired texture is achieved. The final step is packaging for presentation. Enjoy your meal!

At Panadería Pastor, we take pride in continuing this age-old tradition, preserving the original old recipe with top-quality natural ingredients to offer consumers an artisanal product with excellent taste. Ideal for snacking healthily and accompanying all kinds of meals. We are confident that once you try them, you'll come back for more.

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